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Jon Miller

I am Associate Professor of English at The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Iowa (2000) and my BA at the University of Delaware (1992). As of 2008, I serve the Department as its Undergraduate Advisor and Assistant Department Chair.

This website was designed to store stuff ("materials") related to my scholarly work and hobbies. Here are student editions, high-resolution scans of images from my library, course materials, Google Earth placemarks related to early American literature, and whatever else needs storage.

My scholarly publications have mainly focussed on the interpretation of American literature in the context of the history of drinking and temperance reform. I prepared an edition of T.S. Arthur's temperance novel, Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, that appeared as part of Copley Publishing's "Emergent Text" series. (It is still available. The ISBN is 1583900160.) For about five years I was editor of The Social History of Alcohol Review and The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs. I contributed articles on drinking and temperance in world literature for Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia, and I was an editor of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society's Daily Register. I published an essay on a Minnesota preacher's frequent quotation of Walt Whitman's poetry in the 1870s letters that seduced his future wife in The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, a journal for which I was Managing Editor in 1999 and 2000. I also published an essay on drinking and temperance in the poetry of Edward Taylor that appeared in Dionysos. I have written book reviews for The Social History of Alcohol Review, The Civil War Book Review, and The Journal of the History of Medicine and the Allied Sciences.

At The University of Akron I teach courses in American literature until about 1870. My survey sections are heavy on material history, including the history of the book, and my upper-level courses feature an emphasis on scholarly editing with some attention to scholarly publishing. I am currently working on a series of editions of antebellum American primary texts edited by groups of students. The first in this series, a collection of short stories by N.P. Willis, will by published by The University of Akron Press in 2010.

Founded as a canal town in 1825, Akron currently has a population around 200,000 citizens in a metro area of 700,000 people. The University of Akron is a large non-flagship state school in Ohio with about 26,000 students. The large majority are from northeast Ohio, but on the whole the student body includes people from 44 U.S. states and 79 foreign countries. This web page is a good source for more information about the University of Akron. Google Earth users can visit The University of Akron with this small file.